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How to bet?

Our simple instruction will teach you how to start online betting. The most important prerequisites for online betting are having an internet connection and over 18 years of age.

Online Betting Prerequisites:

  • Having an email to register on betting sites.

  • If you do not have email, you can register freely on Google or Yahoo.

  • Having an identity document from yourself.

  • A copy of your valid ID Card (ID Card, passport and some similar items).

  • Having a payment method.

  • After registering on each site, you must deposit money to your betting site’s account to start betting. To do this, choose one of the payment methods on that site and deposit money to the site. If you have these three items, you are ready to start your first betting experience. You can now select your site from this list.

  • Some points:

    If you put it in any way, you have to take it in the same way.
    You may be required to present identification documents such as an ID card or a passport for the first withdrawal.
    Take photos clearly from your documents and submit to the site.
    Good luck! You are ready to bet online.